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  • Pattie
    2nd April 2018 at 11:39

    If I had been doing this review three weeks ago, it would have been all five starts!! I have been attending Suger Cubed Hair salon in Dublin 2 for about 18 months. I started there for the 12 week blow dry which I had had done about three times with Nesha the first two were fantastic, her cut was generally good and colour was eventually fine tuned.
    Last Saturday week I had my colour done, and while she promised it was the one we agreed on, this is defiantly not the case. My family as soon as they saw it said you’ve changed the colour again!!!,
    Next was my 12 week blow dry which if Im honest after the colour mess up, I contemplated cancelling but didn’t in the end. Sadly after first wash I look like a hedge hog!!! and no matter what way I style it i can’t get rid of the hedge hog look.
    Nesha was always pleasant and she did my 12 week blow dry twice before with out issue, this time however was on her last day at the salon!!! not sure what the agenda was but clearly there was one. Im hot trotting it back in there and sincerely hope they can fix it.
    After they fix it its off to find a different hair dresser, really disappointing with Nesha, I can’t speak for any of the others as she always did my hair.

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